The Perfect Evening!!!

Every time i rush to my bus from office i yearn for this perfect evening……

Prepare a nice dinner.. not very elaborate but just enough to suffice the appetite…

have a long refreshing shower.. bubble bath if the luxury permits.. with all the aroma effects.. Wear something light and comfortable…

settle in the couch with a nice book and some hot beverage… read the book till night falls.. with some soft music in the background… have a nice dinner..

go for a stroll… where u can feel the breeze in ur hair… ur whole body getting bathed with the moonlight… lie down on ur back.. gazing at the stars and trying to make patterns..

get back and settle in the bed with soft music and the windows open letting the moonlight and the breeze filter in… fluffy pillows and let sleep take over u… no silly thoughts, no strict deadlines, no relationships to worry abt.. jus the connection between u and urself…. dats my night.. GOODNIGHT!!! SWEET DREAMS!!!


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