so i turned a new leaf..???

well well ..if u knew me as a girl who abhors mornings and exercise in any form.. u would be surprised to see me go for a brisk walk early in the morning after a glass of lemon and honey..

after the walk comes the newspaper browsing and then the milk… and then bath… and rushing to catch the shuttle…

so i have turned into a new leaf.. but this does seem good!!! after a while i wud get used to getting up early and it def is not so bad u knw.. to watch the birds chirp and see the sun shyly making its way thro the crowds… its jus u and nature and love these early mornings!!!

it had rained yesterday i guess.. not a heavy downpour but intermitent rainning.. and i cud see the trees have had their bath.. they were smiling down with their new dresses on…isn’t this a great feelin early in the morning!!! oh well it is!!!!

change is always good.. and if its for the better..what else can u ask for???


4 thoughts on “so i turned a new leaf..???

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