me and u??

my roommate told me yesterday tht if i din’t have other things in my mind she wud have told me to get married asap.. ‘cos acc to her..’everthing else falls in place’!!
i was so bugged with the fact that she was sure of what she wanted from life and i wasn’t.. well there are some things am sure off at the moment makin my hair to stop ‘shedding’ 😛 !!!

But at the cross roads of my priorities..there are a lot of things crowding my mind.. well definetly yes..and there are some things i want to make peace with..i will eventually trust me!!!

she was tellin me that she had a lot of mishaps and then she made a lot of corrections to it too..
but yes time is the best teacher..well its the best healer too… but all along i used to settle in my comfrt zone too lazy to think of change.. but now its not so much of a wonder or a pain..change is a very inviting prospect in my life… u meet new people and some of them make a mark on you.. and some dont!!!

there are some things i learn from each person.. like with her she’s a no-nonsense of a person.. u can’t expect her to be mindlessly freaky abt certain things.. well am not like that but yes in some cases i would like to be like that!!

well as long as what i learn makes me a better person who is to complain????


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