from cucumber sandwiches to paruppu rasam…

This weekend actually started in a good note.. and the good note is that i got up at 8:00 on saturday morning.. c’mon.. i snore away to glory untill the maid gets so irritated she goes…’trrrr..trrrr’ on the door bell..(thts how my doorbell sounds anyway)!!!
i got up and started to wonder what i was to do.. but amidst my musings there i was making tea for me and my apt-mate. Then i read the paper and decided that today i would cook a traditional south indian meal!!!
but there were some things i had to get done first.. like cleansing myself!!had a bubble bath( i would like to think so)..and started my experiments with cooking!!!
i should say i have a nack for it.. for it din’t bomb totally as i thought i would.
i started with a modest menu… potato fry, vathal kuzhambu and parupu rasam… the rasam came out exceptionally well.. the last time i tortured my friends in havin something tht tasted like tamarind juice. Thankfully, for me they din’t object too much!! when i served the dished to my apt-mate..she was stunned.. she asked me where my culinary skills were hidden so long… i was well embarrased!!! Not every day does somebody praise me for my culinary skills.. not even once!!! :DDD so u see i had my reasons…!!!
then i had a small nap.. and then went foruming.. and saw mayavi.. the movie was good!! i can’t beleive how jyothika could have agreed to that role since she was nothing but a dumb heroine!! well that she is!! but the movie was hilarious!!!
then came home and chit chatted with my friend for about 3 hrs and snored away to glory!! sunday was a lil’ uneventfull except for the dinner i went with my collegemate!!!
we went to a place called ‘Lemon Grass’.. it was really a nice place!!
we discussed everything from politics to religion and family to whether fate was what it was.. so to say, we had similar beleifs but only the nomenclature was different!! it was one of those meals when u think the food took a second stage and the banter took center stage!!!
came home and plop .. hit the pillows only to wake up to realise the fateful monday had already arrived!!!
well the grind has already started but things aren’t that bad!!
my parents are coming over the weekend so i have something to look forward to now..
so its 5 more days to go.. for the weekend…!! :DDDD


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