Travel to mysore

Start Time: 8:00 A.M
Breakfast: Temptations (Vth block koramangala – jyothi nivas college)
Cuisine: South-Indian

The taxi zipped past koramangala, jaynagar and slowed down in mysore road..
One cannot imagine the number of speedbreakers u have on mysore road…amzzzing@@@!!!
it was a wonder that our driver din’t get zapped and throw up!!!

Stop 1: Srirangapatna(Ranganathaswamy temple)
it has one of the most amazing architectures in south india.
It was scorching hot when we entered the temple and once u enter its cool and breezy!!!
The temple closes at 1:00 pm so we were just in time for the darshan.

Stop 2: Tipu Sultan Summer Palace.
This is also a wonderful cnstruction, where the sun is shielded using bamboo mats..
the paintings are one of a kind and the arts and artefacts kept on display are worth the visit.

Lunch: Hotel Siddartha
Cuisine: South indian meals

Stop 3: Mysore Maharaja Palace
This is one the must-see spots in mysore.
The stained glass work, the tombs and the paintings are mind-boggling.
They have some very good works of ravi verma and also the exquisite carvings and statues are

Stop 4: Chamundi Hills
This is a 5-7km drive up the hill to the chamundeshwari temple, not a very steep climb but a pleasant one. on the way to the top is the nandi temple and the cave shiva temple which is good.

Stop 5: Brindavan GArdens
This was a disappointment in one-way. whoever told me brindavan gardens was a treat to the eyes must have forgotten abt the nasty smells which surround the gardens.
The musical fountain was quite something, but the whole place stinks!! next time u lpan to go to the gardens think twice!! Timings are till 7:55pm on wkdays and 8:55pm on weekends!!

It was a great trip with my folks, a long awaited vacation…we played antakshri and dumbC on the taxi and it was quite something!!!!


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