The shawshunk redemption

This is easily one of the best movies i have seen in a long time!!!

Morgan freeman and robbins(Can’t remember his first name) are unsung heros of the HOLLYWOOD!!!

The movie starts with a court trial where a man(andy) is convicted with the murder of his wife and her illicit lover(a golf pro).. although he claims that he din’t do it, he looks as cold as ice and the judge gives him a life sentence(2 actually to be served back to back)!! he is then sent to the shawshunk prison..

The whole movie is morgan freeman’s narration.. and it has a subtle humor which cannot go unappreciated!!! morgan bets on andy ..let me explain the bet..
when a prison has new-commers..synonymous to freshmen in college.. they are termed new fish.. and morgan and his associates each pick a “new fish” and bet who would break down.. and morgan picks on andy!!!
Although, one of them win the bet, morgan is a sore loser as andy doesn’t utter a sound!!!also, morgan is known to be the man who can get you things in the prison like cigarettes,gum.. anything you want!!!

A few years later, battered and bruised many a time, some witty incidents with the prison guards, andy becomes a local hero.. he’s in charge of a library and does tax-returns for almost all the officials in the prison including the warden(chuckle!!)
these scenes are crafted so well.. kudos to the director!!!

There are some notable incidents along the way.. and then somehow the fact tht andy is clearly innocent becomes evident although he cannot escape.
For a crime he did not commit he spends twenty years of his life in a hell-hole.. and in all this there is one thing he does not lose and that is HOPE!!!
The conversations between morgan and andy are all well-penned .. there is one instance where morgan says.. they send u hear for a life-sentence and that is exactly what they take away… and the way he explains the term ‘institutionalised’.. ‘rehabilitated’.. brings smug smiles!!!!

The movie has an amazing climax that leaves u gaping.. and finally makes u laugh so hard u have tears streaming down ur cheeks!!!!

Its one movie where there is not one boring moment and it keeps u glued to the plot!!!
In some ways it is what reminds you that life is beautiful and there are some things in life we have taken for granted.. like FREEDOM!!!
The shawshunk redemption…
“Fear is what gets you there..
Hope is what will get you out!!!”

one lone call…..

waiting for that lone call to reach me..
his soothing voice to flow thro’ my ears.. miles apart still close at heart… waiting for his words to caress me and leave me with that quievring sense of love.. i wish he would call and drive away this desperation..
i wish he would pick up the cellular invention and drive this hopeless sense of loneliness…
i wish he would realise that far apart someone still waits for that special ring… to see , to touch , to hug , to feel , to smile into his eyes and get lost in his loving warmth and enveloped with his tenderness and care…

how many times have we waited for someone to call us and felt the satisfaction of speaking for some time.. to shrink the distances and feel the proximity…
how many times have i waited for the presence of someone who’s voice would bring loving moments and a rush in the heart… how many times..???

Trring Trring…..