one lone call…..

waiting for that lone call to reach me..
his soothing voice to flow thro’ my ears.. miles apart still close at heart… waiting for his words to caress me and leave me with that quievring sense of love.. i wish he would call and drive away this desperation..
i wish he would pick up the cellular invention and drive this hopeless sense of loneliness…
i wish he would realise that far apart someone still waits for that special ring… to see , to touch , to hug , to feel , to smile into his eyes and get lost in his loving warmth and enveloped with his tenderness and care…

how many times have we waited for someone to call us and felt the satisfaction of speaking for some time.. to shrink the distances and feel the proximity…
how many times have i waited for the presence of someone who’s voice would bring loving moments and a rush in the heart… how many times..???

Trring Trring…..


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