am just back from my cousins wedding.. beleive me it was a comedy!!!
A comedy of errors but not as well written like shakespeare himself!!!

Thankfully i was not born a few years earlier or i can imagine the ordeal of a three day wedding. In contrast to my mallu friends wedding which she says lasts hardly for 5 minutes our Tam-Bram(tamil brahmins as she fondly calls us)lasts for three whole days.

You get even crazier if this happens in summer.. u can imagine y, if u see a girl wearing a silk saree with three or four garlands and a whole cartload of flowers on her ever-shedding hair!!! to beat that you have the cinematographer basking you in golden light.. whatever happened to technological advancements??

Leave alone these ordeals, what strikes me most is that the satisfaction of people who come for the wedding is unheard of. You can hear comments abt the food, the saris, how they look, what they said, why you came, who are the guests, the last wedding which was more pompous… beleive me there is not a single soul with a noble intention of blessing the couple barring me ofcourse!!!!

So i took a solemn vow, no wasting money, no fools rushin in, just a calm wedding where two people decide to spend the rest of their lives together in wedlock, the families mingling and getting to know each other better. No wasted invitations, only heartfelt blessings and a quiet ceremony is what is to be!!!

Wishing well to the love that is to blossom in the hearts of the groom and the bride(is it hasn’t blossomed yet ;-)) AMEN!!!!


5 thoughts on “bandwagon…yikes!!!

  1. There is a sying in Tamil ( I am transliterating bear w/ me)” Even if u spend a lakh on food…Atleast one will find the food has a lil less salt”

  2. @ arjun.c.n : That was my own.. copyrights reserved. Jus kidding too :))@ ash: Well SAID… and i have no intentions of wasting one lakh

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