In my college(the great BITS,Pilani) we have a tradition of having farewells in our hostels.. called bhawans farewell and we have a write-up for every person written by their friends.. here’s mine:

5 foot 2, 1 KHZ slow and steady walk,2MB RAM filled with the latest gossip and 6.2 GB of the websters dictionary of pure local tamil words. Thats Me for you. She walks… slowly, she eats…slowly! She talks..my god..faster than what you can hear!! Me at the height of her story telling can make the silliest of gossip seem like an extension of tom cruise-nicole kidman break-up. As far as her ‘catch me all of u can’ walk is concerned the only time she increased her pace was when a hoard of bees mistook her for honey and chased her right across RAM, much to the disappointment of many who wished to do the same themselves. Her sporting capablities are not restricted to this . We think she did once play volleyball for BITS during BOSM. and then meera finally decided that senti sem was the right time to learn to be a lady.Starting out with making her presence felt and voice loudly heard at the thiyagaraja aradhana, she’s ending it up with shaking her legs to music.. which some do call dancing.Talk to her for 5 mins and you find her humourous vivacious and intelligent. Its only after she walks away do u realise that many of the jokes were infact about you. Well things arent as bad as it seems… she can move mountains to help her friends and make you feel that you are the best person in her life. She waltzed through her CDC’s and plans to barge into IT Solutions. But ofcourse Me with friends like us ur bound to go places!!!!

Man what a write-up!!! :)))

Do " I Do" ?

So many wedding snaps of seniors and juniors and people u know, dont know(it doesnt matter..they send u the link to yahoo/photos.com or shutterfly.com) and am looking at them… and a door opens in the back of my mind.. am i ready to say ‘I do’ yet?

I like my life now.. no strings attached.. u can step in and out of your house without the need to make dinner by 7 without the need to think of saving for the future.. u can sleep till ur roomie calls u a sleepy bum and throws u outta the bed to share “the household work”.. hit a pub and get sloshed..nobody cares.. no worries.. jus life between you and you… no ugly arguments.. no compromises!!!

But i also think.. how nice it would be to clad myself in a kancheevaram silk saree.. gold chains, glass bangles that jingle with every movement you make, flowers that proves u do have a sense of smell, mehndi decorating your hand.. standing next to u is the man whom you will spend the rest of ur life with…
eyes dreamily looking at the flash of the camera.. fingers that twingle and the comfortable silence… no more solitude walks.. a sense of sharing creeps into ur world and for once it might not just hurt…belonging to another family as well..
it doesn’t sound all that bad…now does it???!!!!mebbe am ready to say i do…. or mebbe not!!!

should wait and watch it…..!!!!signs of the girl turned into a woman??

A beautiful mind

What is worse? the emotions,people,relationships and the best things you had seen in life were not dead were not gone but they never existed!!! they existed only in your mind not in reality.. where u stood in the brink of reality…

What is worse? u have an assignment which is closest to ur heart.. u think of the great recognition,fame and the work which will win u rewards.. but the assignment never existed in reality.. !!

What is worse? U are a great mathematician.. made a discovery which would win international acclaim and u realise ur mind is playing games on you…

John Nash suffers from Schizophrenia.. where reality and imagination coexist in your mind.. slowly imagination takes over completely and reality does not exist.

Russelle crowe who plays John Nash is an excellent actor.. he squirms when asked for a date.. the glow he has after his first kiss… when he’s a helpless princeton graduate… he’s a born actor!!!

I always thought academy award winning movies are a little boring and not worth watching but i was proved wrong.. this movie had me glued to the idiot box till the final list of cast and crew scrolled along!!!

A beautiful mind!!!!!


well this post is truly dedicated to the nonsense which keeps filling newspaper front pages as headlines..

Can u imagine a man who pioneered the demolition of a mosque today repents it..
a fanatic hindu leader landing in a muslim country and calling the founder secular??
he could be a truly secular leader that is not what am talking right now.. am talkin abt how constantly politicians forget abt what they said.. mebbe they suffer from a serious case of amnesia!!!

name one place in the world where these atrocities happen?
a girl is raped by her father-in-law(lemme remind u that has a father in it) and the people are contemplating whether she needs to marry her father-in-law or live a life of a seperated women.. while she wants to live with her husband!!!the police say the house was near the station and they dint hear any screams… all this happens when the guilty is sitting at home and gleefully smoking his cigar!!!!

a man shoots an endangered species.. they have all the evidence that needs to be there and yet he’s given bail and sent home in his air-conditioned car!!!

wife abusing husband arrested yet he calls her from his cell phone from jail threatening to cancel charges else she might never see her children!!

well if u said india then ur damning right.. we live in this great country where justice is unheard off.. where women get raped like an everyday event.. people walk in and out of courthouses with no fear only favour of law…

what is wrong with this nation.. we have the highest number of graduates, most esteemed engineering institutes.. we have born leaders.. eminent economists.. great finance ministers.. yet we let all this happen to us…

let me tell u something.. in chennai where i was born and brought up the auto wallah has the meter for showing off, even if u vaguely ask him to turn it on he would give u a stare which makes u wish u could shrink down and earth swallows u… alas that never happens and u end up paying half ur fortune!!!

We live in a land where we are condemned for most of the things… we brace all atrocities in the name of fate and we never live a life of honesty…
religion and caste are more important than water and lives.. we would burn people alive all in the name of religion!!! While we are fighting amongst ourselves other nations are racing ahead making new developments and emerging as stronger powers.. we would still listen to the headlines and SIGH .. only because it happened to somebody so far away so lost in space…

these are some things and there are a lot more.. but when all this frustration piles up i really wonder where we are headed?

a better place, clean greener landscapes, corruption unheard off, no traffic jams, pleasant headlines of naren winning F1 and sania crowning wimbeldon… are these better days or am i jus dreaming? all this while am jus here typing away furiously in a computer with no mind nor matter… does it matter?