A beautiful mind

What is worse? the emotions,people,relationships and the best things you had seen in life were not dead were not gone but they never existed!!! they existed only in your mind not in reality.. where u stood in the brink of reality…

What is worse? u have an assignment which is closest to ur heart.. u think of the great recognition,fame and the work which will win u rewards.. but the assignment never existed in reality.. !!

What is worse? U are a great mathematician.. made a discovery which would win international acclaim and u realise ur mind is playing games on you…

John Nash suffers from Schizophrenia.. where reality and imagination coexist in your mind.. slowly imagination takes over completely and reality does not exist.

Russelle crowe who plays John Nash is an excellent actor.. he squirms when asked for a date.. the glow he has after his first kiss… when he’s a helpless princeton graduate… he’s a born actor!!!

I always thought academy award winning movies are a little boring and not worth watching but i was proved wrong.. this movie had me glued to the idiot box till the final list of cast and crew scrolled along!!!

A beautiful mind!!!!!


4 thoughts on “A beautiful mind

  1. @ k narayanan:Thats an interesting movie.. i saw it in college so we made a riot of the movie 😉 (u knw how movies are watched in our college!!!)

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