Are u from chennai? Me too!!!!

For the past few days these are best words i’ve ever heard!!!
I’m actually longing for people who speak the same language as me.. who are from chennai and it feels so much at home to speak to somebody like that!!!

Today a girl called me about a house she wanted to rent.. when she asked me “Are u from south india?” i felt the familiar tug.. and then came ..”Which part?” “Chennai”..”Oh really Me too”!!! and the conversation swtiched to tamil..”Chennaila enga??”

I din’t know i was attached to a place or a language.. i’ve lived in pilani for four years..even civilisation existed in the barest.. but we had a familiar crowd.. i’ve been in bangalore for 6 months for internship but again with familiar crowd..

This time am here for i dont know how long.. but it does feel like years since i spoke to people without wondering if am making grammatical errors.. if am making sense.. sometimes it irritates me how people start talking in hindi jus assuming the rest of us are as fluent as they are.. din’t they say english is the universal language.. and it doesn’t hurt to know if the other person knows as much hindi as u..

Although i dont have a problem with understanding hindi,i have a problem speaking it! I speak quite fluently for a person who hasn’t studied it, but jus learnt it on the fly, still the attitude irks me and beleive me there are some people who wouldn’t stop talking in hindi even if they know the other person din’t understand much…Talk about manners!! SIGH!!!

Anyways this is not about my anger against hindi-speaking wallahs, this is about how much u long for familiar things when ur in unfamiliar territory. How much i long for my mom’s potato curry, her sambhar, rasam,even curd..although it tastes the same here!!!

Its about coming home and watching sun TV for a while.. talking in tamil..watching tamil movies.. having colleagues who know what its like to watch a rajni movie in udhayam with people throwing confetti and whistling so hard u cant hear any of the dialogues.. Darn!!!!

I do most of these things even now.. watching tamil movies, watching sun TV after goin home..making rasam.. but i miss something.. its the feeling of belonging to a place.. and bangalore still feels foreign even if i’ve been here for a while.. chennai might not have enough water..its prob sweaty and f***ing hot in may… u prob dont have so many pubs and eat-outs.. but still its heaven for me.. i guess thats what its for everybody ..the connection you have to some places are not expressable.. cannot be penned.. but only felt and long for!!!

mebbe someday i would go back.. jus to feel like being at home amidst the noise and the madness!!!!


7 thoughts on “Are u from chennai? Me too!!!!

  1. oi…come on… bangalore isnt that far… and tamil goes well over there. Chennai isnt much different these days. Whatever you are experiencing there i am getting a load of it here in chingara chennai. Almost all in my team are either from north or andhra..and they are comfortable in hindi than conversing in english… myteammate who doesnt understand a word out of it gets red immediately.. whats this thing with Tamils and hindi??? let them talk whatever they want to.. if u dont understand try to… else just dont bother… but the other part isnt true… girls say all these stuff.. and once they land in chennai or tamilnadu… they convert to the normal PETER”S… what the???

  2. @arjun: thanks for reading… i was talking abt missing a place where u have grown-up and spent most of ur childhood in.. and there is nothing wrong with girls.. i do know all these guys who are such paavam creatures in chennai and hang out in discs and pubs in bangalore..what the??? this is not abt letting them talk what they want to.. its abt having a conversation and not a monologue.. and i have a north indian for a roommate and a cartload of friends from the north.. am perfectly happy with them.. but i miss home.. did u get the point at all???

  3. aah! i know exactly how you feel. For u it’s a matter of 6hrs travel to home but not for me :(And i so agree with watching Rajni movies in Udhayam throwing confetti…it’s a heady feeling 😀

  4. oi…i did get the point… but what i said was… these girls… who say a lot about missing home… and not being able to talk in tamil… food and all that stuff…. dont do it once they reach here… instead they try to live the ‘normal’ life they are much used to by then. and with all due respect ME… that was a very genreic statement… wasnt attacking anybody… i’ve seen quite a few people like that.. may be you stand out..never mind…

  5. you really dont seem to like Bangalore much, eh? i thought everyone knoew Tamil, Telugu and Kannada in Bangalore and an average south indian should not have a problem here. in fact on the first few days of a movies release, the atmosphere in movie halls airing Chiru (for us Chiranjeevi fans)and Ranji movies is close to electrifying… in fact i remember watching Baba in Bangalore and i was one of the noicest folks in the movie all. sitting in the Balcony i was behaving like one of the chaps in Gandhi class. But then you know, if you can walk with kings and not loose the common touch….Enjoy Bangalore. it is good. it is home.

  6. @ arvind: I’ve come to miss chennai.. but i’ve also realised that the grass on the other side is always greener :-)so bangalore is here to stay, let me enjoy it while am here.

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