Pensioner’s Paradise?

Have you ever got stuck in Marathahalli bridge for 45 minutes wondering why the hell the vehicle in front of you doesn’t move at all?Have you inched thro’ traffic in hosur road? Have you slightly brushed against the car next to you in airport road? Have you waded thro’ potholes in Bannerghatta Road? Have you heard all those unparlimentary exchanges between drivers in BTM? Have you noticed the half-finished fly-over near domlur with the iron-rods staring ominously at you? If you’ve had any of these ‘blissfull’ experiences ,you’ll know what am talking about!!Care to venture a ride in my office bus one evening and you’ll think EVIL DEAD was a soft comedy movie.You’ll be more than thankfull when the bus drops you off and you land on your own two feet!! Does he know he should’nt overtake from the left? we have a deaf ear ‘cos he cant take his hand off the horn. Seriously, the sound resonates long after i get off the bus!!He’s playing god for those minutes who can make or break, who can let me live a few more days!!
Here’s more.. If you’ve ever seen the layout of BRIGADE METROPOLIS or PRESTIGE SHANTINIKETAN and heaved a loud sigh..WELCOME ABOARD! Real estate rates in bangalore are skyrocketing! You can see every square feet of land turning into a skyscraper overnight.You’ve dreamt of a nice house with a beautiful garden and a picketed fence? well, i hate to burst your bubble but thats all what you can do. DREAM. If you ever get further, you’ll be paying back till the end of your life. You just have to claw into one of those matchboxes with the rest before that is take too..We aren’t MILLION DOLLAR BABIES are we? With the income i have in a few days, all i can buy is a place to lay a tent!!!
From where i come, a movie on a weekend costs an economical 50 bucks.But here in SILICON VALLEY a movie in a hall with velvet curtains on the sides and seats, air-conditioners that don’t hum when the movie plays and a jumbo bag that costs more than my day’s wages.Its PVR and you better pay for it.Like it makes the movie or your experience any better?! Now we have INOX too buring a hole in our pockets! Why would i pay half a thousand to watch a one and a half hour movie or salman show his biceps?Care to think, my friend?Is there no end to this madness!!
Gone are the days when bangalore was a pensioner’s Paradise!Now its a concrete jungle, a city which drives you mad with its jams and a way too expensive standard of living. You might still have vasanthi and darius from RADIO CITY to brighten your mornings and evenings , bryan adams and elton john do drop in once in a while,garden city still clings on to a few of its parks, water does come from the tap in our homes and it is blessed with rains. But the infrastructure stinks so much am beginning to think am better off in the heat and the sun! SILICON VALLEY is fast becoming a mad city, what are you doing to save it? Or are you just adding to the stink in your own sweet way?
PENSIONER’s PARADISE? wake up..the show’s over honey!!!


9 thoughts on “Pensioner’s Paradise?

  1. hey… check out the comments on my site… also do mail… i need some favor reg my blog from you.and btw.. nice write up. dont have much of your type of exp with BLR, except for one… once on the airport road me n my classmate an ex-BITsian were flying on the bike.. to catch up someone.. and we brushed with MR.BUFFALO once at 80kmph. this is already my second life.. and at that moment i almost felt like TWICE DEAD!!!me still stuck in office on a FRIDAY evening. Got to work tomo n sunday too. ANd btw madam, who told you a movie would cost 50 bucks in chennai?? Satyam n Mayajaal are more like PVR.. and we frequent these places cos some quality movies are screened only there. anyways… i gtg now. mail me as i said. will catch up later.Arjun

  2. I always thought that pensioner’s paradise was Mysore. Bangalore was garden city and now it is becoming a concrete city. It might even become the city of skyscrapers.It is a sad, sad situation. Bangalore was so much of greenery once upon a time. Wake up people before namma Bengaluru is lost amidst this concrete jungle.

  3. Nice blog. yeah i can understand, i was in bangalore 4 yrs back and again 1 yr back. The change that took place in 2-3 years appalled me.Didn’t know who to direct my frustration.. haven’t gone back since

  4. Woh, was just thinking of writing some thing about Bangalore in my blog. I chanced upon your blog. I swear Chennai is a much better place. I am from Ambasamudram, doubt if you have heard about it (its in tirunelveli), i go to chennai evry year to stay with my cousins and i think those are the best times of the year.Here i stay near the Airport Road and walking to the office in the mornings and especially in the evenings seems to be a better solution than taking an auto or a bus. So i end up walking 2-3 kilometers from Kempfort to EGL everyday!I also hate this place for the so called “Sambar” that they give us in the “* Sagar’s” located in every nook and corner of the city.

  5. @arjun.c.n: Second life indeed!!better be careful.Thanks for visting..@madhoo:Concrete Jungle indeed!!@tony: its becoming worser day by day..i hope somebody wakes up before its too late!!!@haarish:walking to office is calming than taking the office shuttles..u heart skips a beat everytime he brakes.@kiron:thanks!! keep visiting 😉

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