Nothing Lasts forever….

When i first read this book i was so capitvated by the narration. I cudn’t keep it down. Paige taylor, Honey Taft and Kat were real not figments of imagination. I adored Jason curtis, i wud fervently hope that Paige forget that creep Alan and marry Jason.. and when she did i almost cried. Then came If tommorrow comes, Master of the game, Stranger in the mirror, Other side of midnight, Memories of midnight, Sky is falling..I’ve read every book and i never once got disappointed. I have never felt so satisfied about a book as i did with Sheldon’s writing. He had the touch to captivate the reader’s interest.There was romance, suspense, plot,intrigue.. ask for it and u wud find it.. Yesterday to my delight i had found that he had released another one.. The other side of Me.. u can chk it out here..
The Other Side of Me
Although this his abt his own life.. am sure it would be another one of his masterpieces. He would always do justice to his readers, value for money. I have been reading other authors like dan brown, daniel steele, erich seghal, jeffrey archer, john grisham et al..there’s something abt sheldon’s books that i love. He has a plot and doesn’t write to sell.
I have so wanted to witness the thefts done by tracey whitney, so wanted to see Kate McGregor, wanted to save Joshua from dying…sheldon’s characters are so real.

This post is really a tribute to his works and i do hope there would be more books from him. Somethings last forever.
P.S: This post was written from a Net Cafe 😉


4 thoughts on “Nothing Lasts forever….

  1. Chanced upon your blog :). Few comments on Sidney Sheldon. Used to like him, now I think I have outgrown him. I tried to read his last book, the one before his autobiography, had to stop midway, just coundnt get on with it. I agree that he has a plot and sometimes a good one at that but I disagree with the fact that he does not write to sell, his books have all the purposeful ingredients that make it sell. i feel that the writers you yourself have listed down are better that Sheldon. Of course all of these are entirely my opinion 🙂

  2. @ Praveen: Yeah even i was disappointed with the new book. It had too many hollywood names and you get lost in all these things. But i liked the way he penned the last paragraph.. i like my career filled with huge sucessess and king-size failures and the fact that he was a dreamer and nothing stopped him from being what he is today is smth worth reading!! :o)

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