The traditional encylopedia is fighting hard to retain its status with this newly born. Wikipedia is an online encylopedia and its content is huge and varied.
The best part of wikipedia is anybody can contribute to this encylopedia. It maintains versions to prevent harassing and malpractice. So information is secure and there are lot of topics for which u can find detailed information. Although,they dont guarantee 100% correct information its an excellent starting point for your information gathering trip. You can go from there on to most relevant websites.
It easy to correct errors and since anybody can contribute to this, u can imagine the amount of information available.
This is the Information era and wikipedia is taking us one step closer to this progress. Besides i like the name too !!! :o)

My possessions :o)

There’s a saying that never go to a doctor whose office plants have died.
When you plant something u plant hope.When you water them everyday and see it grow, something grows along with it.It shows that you care enough to make another life possible.

Mera Bharath Mahan !!!

Gone are the days when England ruled India. The recent british airways advertisement tells us how much can change in the world.
“BA says ‘Namaste’ to India” – For India the world is waiting.
Then there was an advertisement about Deutsche Bank starting operations in India.
Slowly the world is sitting up and taking notice of the country which is not only geographically enthralling but diverse in every sense of the world.
When i was studying in college my dad used to worry about how the talented youngsters went abroad to study and later settle in India. About three-fourths of my family are permanenet residents of the US of A. But nobody is to blame. When there are oppurtunities galore nobody wants to ignore that.
But slowly things are taking a new turn. People are coming back to India with a new vision. You have German auto majors like BMW and Volkswagon opening manufacturing units in INDIA. MBA Aspirants from US bschools made their way to this asian sub-continent where the action was. They claimed that nobody could afford to ignore the growth in India and the potential to grow further.Businessweek states so.
Movies like Swades and Yuva are an inspiration to Indians who would not fall prey to the Dollar dreams. We are talented and we are destined to achieve. We have started shining and we are here to stay. To leave a mark and make the world stop and take notice of this growing strength. We are climbing the ladder slowly and diligently, there are some setbacks but we are still climbing.. just a matter of time while till we reach the pinnacle of glory. India is definitely shining bright!! A moment in history where i sit back and take pride in what my country has achieved ,admire my countrymen for making this possible and in some tiny way being a part of this spectacle.

Transcending life

I finished reading a book and for once i wouldn’t say that i enjoyed reading it. That’s because you can’t ENJOY reading THE FOUNTAINHEAD. I have heard a lot about this book. The elusive Mr. Howard Roark. People claimed that this was one book that had influenced their life and their thinking and i never had the time to finish this book. So when i had finally picked up the book with the intention of finishing it, little did i know that it would leave me with a feeling which is non-descriptive.
You can’t pen the words of what its like to read FOUNTAINHEAD. Without u realising it, you start doing an introspection from a viewpoint that you dint know existed. You approach life with a different perspective, you work with a new commitment and purpose. You realise the significance of other people’s opinion or the lack of it. Your life is your own and you define its principles. You would understand that failures can reach you only to a certain point and then it doesn’t matter.Such is FOUNTAINHEAD, you can’t enjoy reading it. It simply opens that door in your mind, a door which never existed. It lifts you to a new level of reasoning. Its a book that needs to be read to be understood or you would be reducing its significance.
FOUNTAINHEAD preaches the one important philosophy of objectivism
My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute.
— Ayn Rand