My possessions :o)

There’s a saying that never go to a doctor whose office plants have died.
When you plant something u plant hope.When you water them everyday and see it grow, something grows along with it.It shows that you care enough to make another life possible.


11 thoughts on “My possessions :o)

  1. Nice shot… though the plants looks OVERFEEDED!!! Btw… did u do some Philosophical course or something???Clear Balanced and Smart perceptions out of simple things.. U rock!!!I cant even get some time to think these days.. hoping to post something soon… Guten Nacht!!!

  2. @me: Tx@arjun: Thts the problem with us we dont seem to find enuf time to stand and stare. And no i did not attend any course ;oD@me: Guten Nacht does mean good night in German.

  3. very true..makes me sit up and think …. do doctors really keep plants near their entrances…will they really have time to take care of them….are they being professional or personal when they treat us….hmmm…a million thots cross my mind at the moment…

  4. @Rocking chick : What do you think doctors to should be personal or professional? I personally feel they should be more professional than personal. But I believe that we go to a doctor to get something cured and only if we have confidence in their professional competence we think of consulting them, but ofcourse we desire that they should be little personal too but ofcourse thats not an attribute of judgement for being called a good doctor.

  5. @rockin chick & catch22: It depends on what the situation demands.. when i go to a doctor i dont want him to ask me questions edging on my personal life but then i have to divulge some information so as to help him diagonise..well thts part of the profession.. so i guess most of the doctors(or for that matter in every profession)we have to draw the line… but i agree with catch22..thts not a attribute by which u can judge a doctor.. the doc maybe warm and friendly but not personal.. u know there’s a difference!!

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