The traditional encylopedia is fighting hard to retain its status with this newly born. Wikipedia is an online encylopedia and its content is huge and varied.
The best part of wikipedia is anybody can contribute to this encylopedia. It maintains versions to prevent harassing and malpractice. So information is secure and there are lot of topics for which u can find detailed information. Although,they dont guarantee 100% correct information its an excellent starting point for your information gathering trip. You can go from there on to most relevant websites.
It easy to correct errors and since anybody can contribute to this, u can imagine the amount of information available.
This is the Information era and wikipedia is taking us one step closer to this progress. Besides i like the name too !!! :o)


3 thoughts on “Wikipedia

  1. hey meera … the comments u left on my blog … i saw them only today. never realized i had my comments settings in moderate mode. i think it shld be ok now. happy new year !

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