Coimbatore meets California!!

I had been to a wedding recently where an indian boy married a american girl. This is no longer so rare, happens in every family. What was very satisfying was the groom’s mom was totally at ease with her daughter-in-law. I was also taken by the bride’s attitude. She wasn’t out to impress people and she was just the way she was.
Infact we all use to eat together, she was not the “healthy” eating-only-fruits kinds. She would plunge into our briyani’s and sambhars and lick her fingers in utter satisfaction. After havin a conversation with her for about an hour u would forget that she’s from a different country. Infact if not for the complexion i would never remember that as well!!
From my family’s experience with intercontinental marriages i used to think that its not so good since the parents get cheated out of this deal. They can’t go forward with it neither can they step backward. But this marriage made me correct my decision. I guess no matter the culture, religion, language barriers its the personality that makes the difference. U can feel totally foreign with a person from your own caste and creed but totally at home with a person from a different culture.
This is not about arranged marriages or love marriages, this is about compatiblity.
Somehow i liked the attitude about this women they dont shun other cultures, they are open-minded. They want reason and they have respect for ur beleifs.
Once she had asked why do u always want to offer Rs.501/-, Rs.1001/- instead of jus 500 and 1000 and after all the not-so-satisfying replies she hushed if its just a beleif am not questioning it..i just wanted to know!!!
Am not saying that we are right and they are wrong or vice-versa, am just saying when you can compare and pick up what is best in both life is great!!
There are some things that are absolutely great about our culture, the way we respect elders, kids and animals but there’s something bad about it too. Although americans fall in love and get married they seem to lack the conviction to stay committed. So we cant follow one thing or the other.
At this point of time, i would like to have an open-mind and willingly learn other cultures. Lets just say it could be total fun when you have an american sister-in-law or an english brother-in-law or a french husband!!!
Happy 2006!!!


6 thoughts on “Coimbatore meets California!!

  1. yeah i second raghini!!! Ever since ur visit to France.. hmmmm… :-))))) and yeah 1000 thaan irundhaalum 1001 perusu thaana??? thats the secret of 1001 and 501!!! – thats the reply i got when i questioned it…and this american-indian marriages have become common in CBE long time ago… my aunt is white!!! but she speaks tamil like us… pakka kongu tamil… all my grandma’s trg… in 2 months…and people in Cbe are much more social than in Chennai… i’ve found this diff after being here for 1.5 yrs…

  2. @rags: am reading it too..bold and beautiful :-)@arjun.c.n:It was jus a thot, i dont have any attractive french guy in tow :D@vee: Thanks..keep visiting@mama: tell me about it!!

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