Horoscopes and Holy Matrimony

Recently when my college friends visited bangalore for the new year bash we were having a conversation about marriages and astrology.

Finally it bottled down to horoscopes and how the squares make sense in our life.
Sometimes if u have a certain star in a certain square and if the groom has another particular star in another square then your relationship would proceed in a particular manner.

Somehow in this world of science and reasoning i refuse to hand my future to the stars!!!Its a time tested method and it might work but lets say i dont want to risk it.
I dont know how many of u share the same philosophy and how many of have got married the other way round but am not ready yet!

A birth chart (also known as janma kundali, janam kundali, Vedic horoscope) captures the precise astronomical positions of stars and planets at the individual’s birth moment. Using the vast amounts of information provided by your birth chart, Vedic Astrology could predict every important event and possible opportunity that can arise in your life.

I dont know if the stars can predict my compatiblity with another human being, i dont want to know the future yet, i want to go through it. I like the element of uncertainity in life. I’m ready to make mistakes and take the pain of failures but i want to be sure that i want this.

Some of us do it because it would make our parents happy some of us do it cos we haven’t thought about it but its my life and i better be sure abt whom am goin to share the rest of my life with. If it doesnt work out atleast i wont blame the stars.. it wud be my mistake. And that is ok too.

We have spent a good 25yrs with our parents and now we have to think abt spending the rest of the 75yrs with another human being. I dont think i can let the planets decide what this person would be like and how many kids we would have.

I willing to ammend my opinion but i still haven’t found a convincing reason to change my view. Is astrology really true or is it yet another money making gimmick. Is it wise to let the most important decision in ur life be taken based on the planetary positions?

Somtimes its scary.. have these beleifs gone so deep rooted in our society that we actually find it hard to beleive that its not true? This is the information era, the technology boom we are the generation X who beleive science is supreme. Are we also falling prey to this? Its not just astrology there are so many other such things that have become a part of our life, an imminent way of living that somehow stops our nation from progressing. Are these the ones that are truly challenging us?

I wish there was a fast forward button in my life!!Sadly there isn’t any…so am stuck!


16 thoughts on “Horoscopes and Holy Matrimony

  1. Hey Meera, Nicely written and makes lotsa sense too. But am not too sure it would actually be good if we had a fast forward button to our lives because the whole fun lies in living thro it rather than skip those moments. What say?

  2. horoscopes are fun as long as they stick to weekly predictions. but when they transcend into matchmaking it can be quite scary. i have always been amazed how we continue to put stock into something which is so age old ? Its like you said, it is so deep rooted into our culture that a girl’s parents much rather have her married to someone with a matching horrorscope than to someone who she actually gets along with. sad but true.

  3. There are tons of these things which are done without understanding the core reason behind the beliefs… Live by what you understand and believe in… it gives you the maximum satisfaction šŸ™‚

  4. I read an article in “The economist” about the Baye’s theorem and the statistical inference of human mind. In the last few lines the author explains that the superstitions are the accidental correlation misinterpreted by the brain. In my opinion, Indians being good in mathematics and astronomy have given an frequentist touch to the Baye’s theorem and hence was born these horoscopes. It is an interesting read. ( Link to the article )

  5. long years ago this chap Shakespeare said something very interesting about it not being in the stars something something… dont remember what, but when read it definitely sounds good, as does every other line written by him.

  6. @aravind: right you are! there are many references to the “stars” in shakespeare’s work: star crossed romeo drank the poison to shake off the yoke of inauspicious stars. mark antony attributed his first defeat to a lunar eclipse. any more ?

  7. @catch22: I love that element of uncertainity in my life but sometimes i want to take a teeny-weeny peek into the future too :D. But its def better this way!!@atul:horoscope – horrorscope hee hee..!!@raghini:AMEN lady@piggy: frankly am speechless, i wasn’t expecting Baye’s Theorem at all. The analyst in u is very much awake!!@arvind:back from ur sojourn?

  8. @Atul: oh yes… i was thinking of “Men at some time are masters of their fates: The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves, that we are underlings.” words spoken, obviously by Cassius… and this “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” i dont know in which play he said it. i am sure there are a lot more. :)@Me(era): sojourn? what sojourn? i was never away.

  9. well, its not just the element of stars or planets. i think its a lot more than that, about keeping culture and traditions. no more on this. it will just bring up unnecessary arguments. i too find it a bit weird. but, if you can find someone who will fit your parents requirements and also yours, then there is no need for the matching. a parent cannot find out whether any guy will be passionate, caring, loving whatever. they can check something else which they do. and believe it or not, these charts do provide a lot of info.

  10. I think these days youngsters are much more firm. Among most of my friends who have got married, there is not even one who followed Horoscope. May be these are exceptions but I am ready to believe that this is the face of this generation.

  11. “the rest of the 75yrs” ?U wanna live a 100 yrs ?When u get married, I am sure to ask you if u did check his horoscope. Just 2 check if ur beliefs change by then. Or have u already started looking, and thats why u blogged ?

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