‘Tis a SMALL world!!

After a long hiatus am back again.

I was watching the movie Bride and Prejudice sometime back and something in that movie made me blog. There are lots of things about the movie that dint impress me but its the attitude of the actress that made me think!!

Why do we get offended when americans or for that matter Non-Indians say something about our nation. From their point of view, the minute they land in india, its a cultural shock, its noisy and its DIFFERENT. They probably expected this but some are well-prepared and some are not!
I have known people who are surprised about certain things that we indians do but they dont mock at us. Infact in this film, nothing Mr.Darcy does or says is by far offending. We would prob react the same way, if we take a trip down to the deep African nation.

Why do we indians always associate patriotism with how far we defend our nation from critics? Why are we so unwilling to hear their opinion?
Why do we think that people who have gone to the US to pursue their studies or who are working there are betraying the nation? Coming to think of it, i(and you would all gladly agree)can name a few fatsos’ who sit right at the heart of the nation, doing more harm than good!

India is emerging as a powerful nation and we would probably see more foreigners make their way here to this colorful nation. If we do not adopt an attitude where we make them feel welcome yet make them aware of this culture-rich nation we are not going the “global” way!

Sometimes the fact that we are good should come from within us instead of hearing people say it, there lies the problem!!


5 thoughts on “‘Tis a SMALL world!!

  1. guess it runs in the blood Me… PRIDE!!!!But being pragmatic… every thing has two shades… and nobody would accept the dark shade that easily… atleast, I wont. I would atleast protest first before accepting the fact!!!and trust me this is nothing to do with patriotism…

  2. @arjun.c.n.: Taking pride in your conuntry is one thing and failing to accept its flaws is another thing.. mebbe as u said its protesting before the acceptance comes..@Arvind: Yup.. working ‘HARD’.. :))!!

  3. I guess we try to overcompensate for our centuries under Western rule. In those days we had to be appreciative of everything Western (specially British)and were always having our shortcomings pushed down our throats. Now we have swung to the other side, and since we do have some things to be proud of, we take offence if someone points out the not-so-shining parts of India. (Don’t know if that made any sense!)

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