Ribbon cutting Ceremony

After a long wait, i gave my space a face lift.
From a colorful green, its back to black and white.

The absense of colors adds to the beauty

I cordially invite all of you to be present for the ribbon cutting ceremony @ 2.00-2.30PM .

Today is HOLI “Festival of colors”- bring them out and smear them on my face but spare my blog for it likes this serene silence.


10 thoughts on “Ribbon cutting Ceremony

  1. MeeraThe serene mood of the moon says it all…All the more reason for me to peep into ur blog to see what more this interesting girl has in store.The new face of the blog looks truly fascinating… Happy Blogging…and a very happy Holi

  2. @ sow: Thanks sweetie@ joe: Thanks!!@ Kumari: Yup..pushing forward..@ catch22: thanks again!!@ Bharat: ur songs rock!!@ vasu: Tx@ Arjun: Yes finall showtime!! :))

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