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Vote against the reservation bill
QUOTA CONTROVERSY: Students have reacted with shock and outrage of HRD Ministry’s proposals.

“Human Resource Developmet Minister Arjun Singh may claim that it’s just a proposal, but UPA Government’s attempts to increase reservations from the present 22.5 per cent to 49.5 per cent in prestigious educational institutes like Indian Institutes of Technology, Indian Institutes of Management and other institutes of higher education, is brewing up a storm. “

Should there be reservations in colleges? Should education be streamed and made easy for people who are economically weak? Should people be deprived of graduation jus because they were from a specifc community and not because they were not good enough?

This is a very sensitive issue, but certainly worth debating. While i was ready to pursue my higher studies, reservation was a curse for the Forward caste people. Luckily i made it to a university that had an insignificant percentage of reservation and people were choosen only because they deserved to get in.

Now, if people are economically weak and financially broken should graduation be offered to them easily? what problem are we solving by this system? We have doctors, engineers, archietects et al who have no clue about what they are doing.

Shouldn’t the focus be to uplift these people so that they are able to compete with the rest of the society? By offering them reservation aren’t we ostracizing them further and insulting them?

Education should be given to students who deserve to get in, this would retain the fire to reach greater heights and would benefit the country. Ensure people get in to school with reservations but colleges and universities should be spared of this reservation.

Caste and creed should not make education easy to acquire.

Let the best man win!!


5 thoughts on “Reservation!!

  1. i can agree when they allow reservations for people who are economically totally backward, definitely not for the ones who just want a seat because of their caste. thats bullshit. but its no point, all the politicians, even our own CM gets her votes only thru these people. and we dont vote nor bother about all this. so all this was bound to happen.

  2. Meera….I am in total agreement with u… My thought ,if the government is really applying mind on uplifting the minorities… admission for a logical percentage of minority community to ‘every’ school should be made a mandate. Grass root education needs to addressed more adequately. And please spare these reputed institutions of all these political lines.

  3. @Catch22: been there felt that huh?@mama: They gather votes thro’ this.. so we really cant blame them?@~J:Grass root educations needs to be addressed. Cudnt agree with you more.

  4. While I agree in spirit with what you said, I think there has to be some kind of reservation too. Not on the basis of caste/creed/colour. It should be on the basis of financial ability. And if one generation avails of it, the successive generations shouldn’t be able to use it. Its like saying, yeah, you got the opportunity, you squandered it. In a country like ours, with a population of so much .. we cant afford to give you another opportunity. I dont see why the progeny of IAS officers, of stinking rich s/w engineers or whosoever, enjoy the privileges of reservation when they have had ample and more opportunities to carve out a life for themselves.

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