Rising to Power

For long the United states of America has weilded power over its latin american nations. But in the past few months, it has been releived of this power and put to rest.

The trio – Cuba , Venezuela, Bolivia have strong leaders.
Cuba promised to send Bolivia doctors and teachers.
Venezuela will send gasoline to the Andean nation and set up a $100 million fund for development programs and a $30 million fund for other social projects.
Cuba and Venezuela also agreed to buy all of Bolivia’s soybeans, recently left without a market after Colombia signed a free trade pact with the United States.

In every second newspaper or magazine you will find aticles about China and India and the ground breaking development, rapid growth and economic reforms. Little has been said about these Latin American nations who are making strong but steady progress in improving their worldy conditions.

Cuba’s Presiden Fidel Castro, Bolivia’s President Evo Morales and Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez are rubbishing American policies and social reforms. Bolivia has taken a step to nationalize the oil and gas sector. Fuel prices are the highest in Europe 1.53euros/litre but in venezuela an entrire tank can be filled for less than half an euro.

The rise of the these three nations will sing high and would send a shudder to the world. USA has been the pivotal point in the world’s history for decades together. Is the focus shifting? This would be a million-dollar question for the years to come!!!


6 thoughts on “Rising to Power

  1. I doubt it.. Countries with a lack of freedom of expression can be successful in short term, but the going can get difficult in the long run, because you are always expecting volatility….

  2. A couple of points:1. Comparing the cost of filling up a tank of fuel in Venezuela to that in Europe without accounting for Purchasing Power Parity is an unfair comparison. Despite that, I would guess that the price of oil is much cheaper in Venezuela…2. The high oil price in the western countries has nothing to do with a supply shortage. The price which the companies pay has been fixed long ago (as I understand), and hence, its only the dubious politics of oil companies that is pushing the prices up. No wonder then, that Exxon Mobil and Chevron made their highest ever profits last year and first quarter this year, respectively. You should read the book “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” – it is an interesting exposition on these topics…

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