A Time to Rule

My roots are in the southern most part of India – TAMIL NADU, more precisely Chennai.
Nothing is more heart warming than stepping foot on this dusty, hot and active city. Its very difficult to understand the passion i have for my dear city – Singara Chennai.

Its Election time now in Tamil Nadu. No one knows how the ballot is goin to be sized. “Tamil Nadu’s cliffhanger of an election”

We have been ruled by two major parites alternatively. The DMK led by Karunanidhi and the AIADMK led by Jayalalitha. Some say its like choosing between the devil and the deep sea and its really not democratic when you dont have good choices to make. The most popular channels Sun TV(DMK) and JAYA TV(AIADMK) has been airing campaigns and mostly i find it a releif that it has stopped. We have a new player in the field. Another film star turned politician – Captain Vijayakanth. It would help to have a new face and a fresh hand but will he be able to beat this race? We also have a Lok Paritran – Alums from IIT standing in selected constituencies. Would this new breed of young blood be able to shake it off?

In the next 24 hours, it would all be known. The fate of my world’s best place.


6 thoughts on “A Time to Rule

  1. it’s always a tussle between the dravidian parties in tamilnadu( ADMK vs DMK).we have this mentality of not voting for a new party thinking that they would not win.we should come out of this frame of mind,leave the past behind and vote for the party whom we feel is the best for the current situation of the state.

  2. Its a known fact that its either of 2 parties who wld be ruling.The only exciting thing is to know which of these wld rule.Do you ever think of any other party other than these 2 coming to power?I don’t think so. When i got to read todays paper, i wasnt really that surprised to see the verdict on DMK.

  3. Its about time the *MKs have a break..Am sure U agree that its time we sidelined this dirty politics and as a mass ,work for the uplift of the economy of the state.The economic conditions are so very promising ,with no reason to evade.

  4. @ Vasu: Yes we need a fresh face, a new hand to rule the state. The big question is WHEN?@ Prasanna: Am surprised. I dint expect DMK to get so many seats. Lets see.@ J: Its difficult for an upliftment or to sideline politics. You have to be in the system to change the system.

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