Start Time: 7.30AM
Distance: 170-200kms
Travel: Hosur Road to Dharmapuri
Reached Hoganekkal around 12.00 noon.
Was suspicious about two people following us till we parked the car. Later, we learnt that they were the coracle drivers πŸ˜›
Its easier to pack some bread and jam or you have to wait for an hour for a not-so-delicious lunch.
Bargain with the coracle driver for Rs.200/hour for 8 people. If your bettern than me in bargaining, try your luck. Am a amateur in this.
And then enjoy the water flowing in all directions and the enchanting sights enveloping you.
Take the three hour ride – covering the falls and the island.
Island has about three-four feet deep water, where you can learn to swim, float and play and beat the heat.
Coax the driver to take you back through the falls and enjoy getting drenched in water.
A time to cherish and chill out!!
Drive back to Bangalore where the roads will tell you when you crossed the border into Karnataka πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “Hoganekkal

  1. I went there about a month back. Nice place to chill out. And I must tell you , u did a pretty good job of bargaining. :)P.S -They do massage for women too!!

  2. @catch 22: gee thanx!!u made my day!! I know they do a massage for women, but i would prefer to get it done indoors πŸ˜›

  3. I am sure u would have had a nice massage ,when the coracle went beneath the stone pelting falls.. .. Outdoor ahh.. ;)Would love to visit this place… never knew such a wonder existed.. so close to B’lore..Thanx Mate…

  4. Was there sometime last year when kaveri was in full flow – lots of water :), but also lots of people 😦 – People even taking bath, washing clothes with soap – so insensitive to nature….Did not have any massage, nice try I would have allowed them to put their dirty hands on me. :)Coracle ride was amazing.Still would have preferred if no one had been allowed to create residences over such a beautiful place.Ideal rule would have been – All should trek for atleast 2 kms, come play in water, look at falls, go back happy. No coracles, no crowd, just U and U alone with nature.

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