Still Standing!!!

In 2006, nearing 82, a man who did not attend the Tamil Nadu assembly even once these past five years, citing ill-health, decides to plunge into the campaign once again. He travels the length and breadth of the state, promising voters freebies that must make the state’s bureaucrats wince.

On Saturday, May 13, M Karunanidhi will be sworn in as Tamil Nadu’s chief minister a fifth time.

Rediff has a full fledged article on this.


8 thoughts on “Still Standing!!!

  1. i am happy about it. he is any day better than that dictatoress, if that is the word i want, Jaayaalaaliithaaa (is that how she is spelled?)Arvind

  2. Notin has changed much from the mandate…the cross border conflicts will only start all over again ,leaving the limping economy of the state to think for itself.Meera.. We choose not to be part of the system… unfortunate.. but we are part of this economy… so we could play our part to make a difference .. atleast within our small community…

  3. @Catch22: It should make a difference and we should make it.@arvind: I dont think he’s better or she is worse. This is the election of octagenraions.. 80+ cheif ministers… @ms n: sad, that he won!!!@mama: I wish too…@J: leaving the limping economy of the state to think for itself.Well said…

  4. We should have made a difference this time.. but as it is said tamilians would never like to go for a change even if it is for their betterment.we stick on to what we have been sticking on to.well it would be too hot till 2010 coz the sun would not set till then. The big question is will a NEW SUN or a NEW LEAF rise in 2010? well it’s for all of us to answer.

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