The Da Vinci Code

The most awaited movie this year The Da Vinci Code
I, for one wanna catch it as soon as it hits the theatre. Want to check out if the movie is as fast as the book!!! Couting the days..

7 thoughts on “The Da Vinci Code

  1. @Catch22: i caught that in ibn yest.. i want this movie released in india. The book is out, so big deal with the movie.@vasu: yeah!! 😦

  2. Cannot resist the movie after the book.Would love to see the plot unfold on the silver screen.Eagar to catch ‘Tom’ Langdon and the french beauty, de-coded.

  3. But little tells me..that all this fuss is only for “Media Milage”.First it happens with Dan brown himself and now with the Movie….

  4. @J: U want to see the french beauty de-coded.. tut-tut!!!I hope all this is for media mileage.. i want to this one!!Tom hanks is such a great actor am sure he wud have done justice to the plot.

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