Managing your managers

Welcome to the world of IT.
A word of caution
Its common place to have managers who screw your happiness, make you forget that a day has 24 hours and damn it you have other things in life to do!!

There are managers who cant spell communication and god forbid some wouldn’t have even heard of motivation.

Not all are bad, so there’s hope in this planet.

Its only at times, you have these people who call themselves managers because they have spent more time with the keyboard than trying to make sense of what the role demands.
I recently met one such weirdo.

He’s an amusing piece of work. Just minutes before, you would have explained why a certain thing is difficult to solve and the problems involved. You just have to wait to catch your breath and you would find a mail in your inbox asking the same things. You think its a mistake.. Nope. You see he suffers from short term memory loss. So what do you do next time. If your smart enough you would stick to mailing him.

Well there are other such incidents that make me wonder if the designation of a manager is one sans brains. According to me the ad for a manager in the IT world should read like,

Moderate communication skills.
Well-versed in sending, updating, deleting meeting requests.
Should suck at inter-personal skills.
Conduct meetings without any agendas and keep rambling for any period of time.
Be good in playing the ping-pong game with onsite.
Should be totally unaware of the project he/she is supposed to manage.

Ofcourse there can be more additions to this…
Some people even learn to sideline these weirdos and get brownie points.

Dont start pitying us, ‘cos we are the breed of sheep who wont protest but we are good at cribbing and wiling away time cursing our fate.

May be i will write about the future of this IT world someday.
Its difficult to manage people who lack sense.. and its difficult to manage your manager.
Now now, is there a difference. SMILES


17 thoughts on “Managing your managers

  1. Yes,all we can do is “SMILE”….Its interesting that every manager teaches u a lesson on managerial skills..The ‘do’s and don’s ,when we guys actually make it there…But Meera… no feel bad… Me too with u in this club ,and sure there are more to the flock…

  2. Now I know why u want to be anonymous ;)I too have lot to say – for eg: Unlike worthless resources in project, people working hard do not get time to maintain any great relations with managers or colleagues. When I mentioned this once to my manager he simply said, don’t work hard just work smart. Wish I could do what he said, work little, tell every person who dares listen to me(doesn’t matter even if he is a peon or security guy) that I am working my ass off on a very critical & complex project, butter up the manager/onsite without letting them know that u r actually doing it, backstab my colleagues, blah…blah.Anyways, I can’t do all this and that’s my weakness. There is place in IT industry not only for hardworking people but also for ‘smart’ people specialised in various skills(which do not help the project in any way). These sort of people are found everywhere, so we can as well stop dreaming of getting a fair deal.Final question : What did he do this time..?

  3. Wow.. Reminds me of the joke that used to do the round when we were in college:How many CEOs does it take to replace a light bulb?Three. One to hold a meeting to discuss the change, one to dictate it to the secretary, and one to delegate it to the vice-president.How many managers does it take to replace a light bulb?Two. One to find out if it needs changing, and one to tell an employee to change it.How many personnel managers does it take to replace a light bulb?Three. One to take out the old bulb, one to screw in the new bulb, and one to file the old bulb away.

  4. Who is this genius manager of yours Meera ?The fact however is, (I am sure you are not gonna be happy with this), you are gonna see more & more managers like this. Atleast in IT.

  5. @J: Yes am sure there are people all lined up to sign and i have to hold the door shut.@dammy: u talking abt ‘dirty politics’. Welcome aboard! You cant fight them, join ’em.. its difficult either way!!@catch22: Hold ur breath@who else: YEah YEah@prash: now thats a little hard to reveal..but they are all alike. You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all !!

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