Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi

For those of you wondering what the title means, this is a tamil movie name.
Vadivelu, a famous comedian stars as the hero and is supposed to be a full-length laughing riot.
Non-Tamilians(am i being over-confident here??) you might not get a kick out of wathching this trailer but the rest, as we say in bangalore – Ensoy Maadi


6 thoughts on “Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi

  1. Must see…I really have my doubts whether Vadivelu can click as a Sole entertainer, himself.. playin the second fiddle has been a good run for him all the way.

  2. Can remember only 2 of his movies – kadalan & kadal desam. That dikki stuff & running-bus fundaes are 2 good(evergreen).He was at his bext when he was young.

  3. @Vasu: dont tell me. I want to watch this movie@jayasri: Thanks@ J: i think this one would click. I sitll remember laughing hard for ‘maapu vechitiye da aapu’ in chandramukhi. And doesnt look like he’s showing any heroism. They are making a mock of him.@dammy: Both were bad. I think he’s doing well these days

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