The Great Indian Monsoon

If you have to understand India, you first have to understand the effects monsoon has on the indian soul.

There’s some charm in watching the rains, the leaves are washed green and they are happy having a good bath. The water gushes down the road with a speed making you wonder who’s chasing it. The water kisses my feet as i wade my way home.

From when i was a little girl i love standing in the rain near the gate. We used to have a neem tree, huge and big and though my mom used to scream, my sister and i would occasionally have our clandestine meetings with the rainman. Now i walk back from the stop to home getting drenched in the rain without a care in the world.

The gurgles of the cloud, the hand that clasps the thunder and the lighting strikes are one of the best to watch and relish.

I love to shake the braches of the tree after the rain ceases, to have my own shower.Who says you cant have your moments of joy?

I have come to love rain in a very soft way. I like kids jumping into the puddles splashing water, the flower vendor trying very hard to balance the umbrella and sell flowers, the vegetable cart hurrying to cover the vegetables.

There is an urgency to shelter everything from the rain, yet there is a pleasure to get drenched too…

Now is the time for The Great Indian Monsoon. A time for rains, water, joy and simple pleasures in life. Welcome again!


7 thoughts on “The Great Indian Monsoon

  1. Right. Especially at times, when the summer has taken its toll and you, all fried and roasted, are all set to give up, and then see a flashing ray of lightning and tiny drops of rain start to fall… That is the ray of hope!!! Rains are too cool.. (as long as they dont flood households ;))

  2. Thanx Meera u just guided me beautifully down memory lane…The rain brings a lot of nostalgic memories of my school days…It is all so nice to think of those wonderful days when we did not have project managers to report to nor deadlines which gave u sleepless night….I simply love the Rain.. its always been my best friend since it sure change the normal routine.. anytime….. so there are so many cherish able memories that are synonymous with rain….

  3. oh!!, me really happy after reading this. Very vividly portrayed – chasing water on streets, water kissing your feet..Alas! now when I think of rain, my thoughts only flow in 1 direction: Mohra – Tip Tip Barsa – RAVEENA TANDON…. yaya, I know I am a pervert ;)Wish I never grew up….

  4. Even my mom never used to allow me to get drenched except the first rain of the season. There is no joy like looking towards the sky with the rain drops hitting ur face and you trying hard to keep ur eyes open.

  5. “I like kids jumping into the puddles splashing water, the flower vendor trying very hard to balance the umbrella and sell flowers, the vegetable cart hurrying to cover the vegetables.”Just an alternate though…i can imagine the vendors in the description above getting drenched to the bone and curing their fates.Contrary to the depiction in movies and litrature, the truth is, there is no romance in poverty.Yeah, for the onlooker from a safe distance, the scene might bring the poet in him/her out.Arvind

  6. @who else: Hope is always a good thing.@J : Welcome. Likewise.@dammy: I wish the same too…@catch22: Oh thats a lovely feeling@Arvind: Thats being a cynic if you ask me. Your right there’s no romance in poverty, but whatever made you think that the joy is limited to an onlooker? I dont like to always look at the best side of things, but i would like to think that there is a best side.

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