ITALY – The proud winners of the FIFA World Cup 2006.
Zinnedin Zidane’s fabulous career comes to an almost choking end.

For the good of the game, ITALY has a reason to celebrate.


5 thoughts on “WORLD CUP 2006

  1. Not sure if Zizou did enuf to get the golden ball….Italians, I don’t like the way they play, but somehow it works for them – In worldcups and also in champions league(I remember once we had a final between ac milan VS juventus and I dozed-off mid-way)

  2. @catch22: I agree. It was worse that he got a red card, even bad that he cudn’t come to the ceremony.@j:Italy played well. @dammy: I thought u would have gotten totally drunk when zizou got the red card.

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