When i told people that i visited Venice, the first question was ‘Did u take the gondola ride’? The answer was a NO and an added wait for the prince charming to accompany me. With Venice on the list for the city of love, no point taking a gondola ride alone.

I landed in Venice without a good night’s sleep and catching a good hour of it even if it meant stratching myself on the railway platform din’t seem very disgusting.
I have to remind you that when ur in abroad, things are almost always spotlessly clean and i took that as an excuse.

The first sight of Venice took me by shock. I stepped outside the train station and bingo there is water. No roads but canals. Now this is truly a water city.
Being built on water, Venice is a romantic place.

But something told me Kerala was better.

I want to write more, but this post has been lying here for long so before it rust and melts i publish πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “Venice

  1. Princ Charming ,huh ;). Lucky you for being where u have been . Venice is one city which I would like to visit once in my life time.(Ofcourse my princess would accompany me ;))

  2. Wow… Venice…Wonderful place to be..I am so glad u were there.. Prince charmin…. am sure there is a big bunch out there waitn,Meera.. have fun man..Kerala back waters.. yes..nature untouched.. in its own tone of beauty..

  3. what if George Clooney is in that bunch.. ;)Venice is a good place but also has a lot of hype attached to it(something common among all Eurpean cities). Not sure why people find it romantic..I say small towns, villages, ForestsMountainsRivers(go hiking) are the places to visit in Europe even if U R on a honeymoonI too prefer Western Ghats over Venice πŸ™‚

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