East meets West – Welcome to Hong Kong

When i stepped foot in Hong Kong, i dint quite expect to see what i saw.
Yes Hong Kong reminds me so much of Bangalore – Concrete Jungles, mind-blowing traffic, N+1 Shopping malls and an almost oblivious crowd.

When we were on the way to the hotel from the airport in the express we saw a few apartments that would have put Indian Puravankaras and Brigade Groups to shame.

For the first few days everything around me was moving in a fast forward pace. People here walk, eat, work and talk at an amazingly rapid pace. Am not speaking relatively mind it.

We even got lost one day while trying to get out of their metros and a kind lady helped us with a map 45 minutes later since we couldn’t stop anyone to ask for directions.

The people here dress similar to the Europeans but the streets are crowded and noisy and makes you feel right at home.

Dal fry and rice in Hong Kong. Yeah you can have it anywhere in the world these days so why not in the dragon country? We found a Kashmir Curry place although i tasted Thai, Japanese and Chinese Cuisine first.

Tommorrow is the Autumn Festival a kind of a family reunion day – Thanksgiving. They have a dragon show and a lantern festival from morning to midnight. This is the Discover Hong Kong 2006 special.

Am all set to party so let the show begin.


5 thoughts on “East meets West – Welcome to Hong Kong

  1. Wow.. man u really a jet setter… a different country every month.. whats next on the list.Lady..Have a wonderful time and take care Meera..Nice Blog

  2. @J: Thanks and on my wishful list is GREECE.. like they will send me there.@arjun: Hey long time. No, i will never get bored of EUROPE.@Rocking Chick: Assignment.

  3. ok, so u are in Hong Kong, more importantly what kinda chocolates are you bringing back for the team here? :)Hope it will be different from what we get everytime.

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