I Do..

We live in the 21st century and yet Weddings are the culmination of a woman’s life.A conversation with a close friend in my terrace sipping tea led to the unravelling of this mystery.

Why does the life of every woman encircle the concept of a wedding? Why are we dreaming about the perfect man to spend the rest of our lives with, from the day skirts turn into salwars?Why is the wedding day the most special and treasured day of our lives?

Yes it is true, you can oppose it or you can ignore it but Marriage is the line every woman has to cross to be on the other side of the bridge.
It is still a bridge over troubled waters and there is little calm beyond the line, neverthless you need to cross it.

I have often noticed friends of mine, metamorphise into brides-to-be and then settled comfortably into the shoes of home-maker, mother and a partner.
There are always things to worry about and the lines on the forehead hardly ever crease out but maybe its the idea of a couple that makes us run faster to the line.
The pact of love and hate, to lean on and to fight. To love and to be loved is probably worth the entire cosmos.

Woman today are crossing all boundaries and manning space shuttles. Some are governing countries but there are still those sides to them longing to get home into the strong arms of their partners.

Two of my friends are getting married by the ring of the new year and am really excited for both of them. Ah!!! The metamorphosis again. Does marriage kill the adventurous spirit in you? Well when you chain one the other gets unleashed 🙂

A toast to a life of fun, laughter, tears and love. To be together till death do you apart!!May the insanity and pleasures never end!

Tantalizing Twenties

Some call it Quarter-life crisis. A phase where everything and nothing meets your approval, where you always seem to be in search for that quintessential something which is called the call of your life. A point in time when nothing you do at work gives you sense of accomplishment and you keep going. Life characterised by giant see-saws swinging back and forth between intimacy and isolation.
A very interesting definition for this is given by Wikipedia. This article examines the emotional, financial aspects of this crisis situation.

This is the point in you life where you want to travel from the Himlayas, to the Amazon, from the Artic to the Oriental. I still have 78 places to visit before i die.PHEW! There are always more things to do in life and i find myself in constant dilema of whether i should or shouldn’t. The million dollar question of To be or not to be. Fortunately, am flanked with people who give me their unconditional support in letting me grow so quarter-life crisis seems more like growing up for me 🙂
While am still figuring out the way to untangle myself from this web,life goes on!