Tantalizing Twenties

Some call it Quarter-life crisis. A phase where everything and nothing meets your approval, where you always seem to be in search for that quintessential something which is called the call of your life. A point in time when nothing you do at work gives you sense of accomplishment and you keep going. Life characterised by giant see-saws swinging back and forth between intimacy and isolation.
A very interesting definition for this is given by Wikipedia. This article examines the emotional, financial aspects of this crisis situation.

This is the point in you life where you want to travel from the Himlayas, to the Amazon, from the Artic to the Oriental. I still have 78 places to visit before i die.PHEW! There are always more things to do in life and i find myself in constant dilema of whether i should or shouldn’t. The million dollar question of To be or not to be. Fortunately, am flanked with people who give me their unconditional support in letting me grow so quarter-life crisis seems more like growing up for me 🙂
While am still figuring out the way to untangle myself from this web,life goes on!


2 thoughts on “Tantalizing Twenties

  1. Kwel it Lady….U the smartest one I have encountered on this planet and am sure ud do well to jump all these hurdles.A “quarter” will sure come in handy to deal with the ‘quarter crisis’:-)

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