Mozhi brings out a gentle dignified love story while tacking the insecurities of differently abled people with enough sensitivity that you dont sympathize but challenge their courage.

The hero is a newcomer to Tamil but his portrayal evokes a genuine appreciation of a job well done. Prakashraj and Prithviraj bring out some quick and light moments with straight jokes.

The movie is full of moments which make u smile when you think back. Prakashraj caught off-guard, his proposal to Swarnamallya(who is quite bearable for a change) and celebration of Beethovan’s birthday.

I sat back to think during the last few scenes when the hero lashes at the heroine asking her to give life a chance and how at certain points we just have to trust and have faith and not question the future.

Mozhi is a must see for all tamil movie goers. Its three hours of fun, love and joy and not mindless entertainment.

Take the first bus and quit waiting?

Today morning, when i boarded the office shuttle(early in the morning) a very amusing incident happenend. I’m sure many of you might wonder why i even chose to blog about this but well its my blog so to hell with your thinking 🙂

My friend was listening to her iPod and the minute i landed next to her she burst out laughing. Now it makes me wonder if i forgot to wear a very essential piece of my clothing but i felt reassured when she apologised for her inappropriate laughter. Apparently she was listening to ‘The Namesake’ book in her iPod.

This is the era of the electronics. God took one look at us and decided its time to pamper these parched souls with madness personified.
Disclaimer: I have nothing against technological advancements.

This made me think. Is listening to a book in the iPod as good as comfortably settling in a couch and reading through a book(where u can feel it). Am i a fool to think that its not just reading a book but the myriad feelings attached to it. The smell of paper, the focused attention of the five senses, the balancing act of tea in one hand and trying to turn the page in the other… Doesn’t all this count?

But then again, who really has the time to experience these feelings when weekends are spent trying to catch the left-over hours of sleep and hip hopping trains. Trust me, am not a person who uses “No time at all” as an excuse. But then There is no time at all.

This brings me to an important conclusion.
There are some people who adapt themselves to the changing needs like my friend who probably agrees that reading a book(not virutally) is always the best but she settles for something she can do more often than just dream about.

And then..
There are some people like me waiting for the right time and the right oppurtunity that we miss what we can have right here right now completely.

The big-thought bug: Is it always important to take a step back and arbitrate whether there are avenues in getting what you want, even if you cant travel the entire trip?