Memories from yesteryears

My friend from college called….. That explains the Euphoria i’m in at the moment.

What is it about friends from college or school that makes conversations so special?

The fact that we can bridge the years we havent spoken with just a call… The ease and comfortable silences which you dont care to fill with cluttering talk… The way you can share everything you want to and not ask for anything back…

My days in BITS have been days of my wonder life. We have had some serious moments but mostly it has been just fun. I have some great friends who i dont talk to on a daily basis and i wont say that we are always there for each other but we can call each other in the dead of the night and on crazy mornings and feel the spirit rising. We have a couple of laughs and some wild chatter and suddenly i feel right at pace with life.

Thats the magic of having friends. To share, to care and to have fun with. You dont need too many of them but a couple of them would make a world of a difference and it does to me!!!

For me, my friends are just a call away 🙂

4 thoughts on “Memories from yesteryears

  1. Beautiful post Meera..Actually brought back a lot of wonderful memos of my school days….With all the business etiquettes we are stuffed up these days.. its with our buddies we can be so much our self…Guess what Meera..I am on vacation this weekend with my school buddies.. and that too in Miami… Just cannot wait to be on the best beaches of the world…

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