The BOSS is here!!

Its 6.00PM Thursday evening(June 14th) and am on my way back from office home.I cross Innovative multiplex where in the morning there was a huge queue for Sivaji tickets.I can hear blasting music and people cheering and bursting crackers…. Now you cant celebrate Diwali in June.

Yes, Thalaivar’s movie is releasing tomm and do we have a more appropriate reason to celebrate? There are a few of my collegues who cant understand the euphoria that we feel about a movie!! I say, its not a movie, its thalai’s movie.

Its difficult to explain the blood boiling energy, euphoric fans, tingling enthusiasm we feel when Rajni’s movie hits the theaters every two years. He is easily ‘The Personality’ of Tamil Nadu. I dont care if he is not from Tamil Nadu, i still am his most die-hard fan. Why? I cant explain and i dont want to!!

People can criticize his gimmicks, stunts but here are my two cents.
Every actor has played larger than life stunts, acted 10 years younger, paired with heroines who become their moms etc..
When you can watch a Rajni’s movie in the first week with like-minded people, all this goes out of the window.All we care about are his style, his style and his style!!!

Even while i write this post, there is an excitement creeping into me.. Sivaji hits theaters today!!

We welcome you and you are The BOSS!!


6 thoughts on “The BOSS is here!!

  1. Thazhaivar rules supreme where ever… No different in a foreign land.. The excitement is totally unexplainable Meera… Even with all the project deadlines and unlimited conf calls… Thala can be the only person who can bring out that U in U…. Was Awesome… Me along with friends were there for the day one show….semma luuti… Every penny’s worth in gold .. still makes my hair stand up in excitement…Thazhaivar Rules Supreme…

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