SAP and me

I work at SAP Labs in Bangalore. By far in the three years i have spent here, today has been the most memorable day for me.

I made a presentation to the Executive Board of SAP and was well appreciated. I have always wondered if i was being at the right place and doing the right thing. Today strengthened my beleif system and am in cloud nine.

Doing a 15minute presentation to the Board requires almost 4months of tireless work and burning the midnight oil. So many dry runs and so many more critical remarks and yet everything paid off in the end.

SAP is indeed the great place to work.


8 thoughts on “SAP and me

  1. 😀 cool job re .. Wish I was in that meeting room .. wud have listened to u intently in pin-drop silence .. naah .. wud have been giggling all the while ..SAP and me .. hmmmm 🙂

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