The Perfect Manager

Disclaimer: There are always some exceptions, but between few and far.

Now my title is an oxymoron. There is no such thing as a perfect manager in the world of IT. Now don’t get me wrong when i say this, because this is not a figment of my imagination but the truth and nothing but the truth.

There are different kinds here(strictly from my observation) and i take fancy in naming them the following way.

Spine of Jelly – This category is one who doesn’t have a stiff back. His spine is so flexible that to get up the ladder, he will do anything it takes. Not knowing which is the right way, he always take the short ones.

Mac & Cheese – The name says it all. The only skill these ones possess is an undeniable ability to butter up(mind you, the layer is as thick as tar) his higher ups, subordinates and if need arises his own team members, lest he be exposed.

Highway Man These are the ones who arguably profess ‘Its my or the highway’. So they would have their ears shut and would only hear what they want to hear. Not so pleasurable to work with, this breed of men are almost always wrong.

Nocturnal owls To say the least, they start working only after the sun has set. The worst of all, they are ignorant of your commute back home and are conviniently deaf of your mute arguments. They are the ones burning the midnight oil and getting their passion out after the clock has ticked away. Sadly enough, their rule is the law for you to abide or get sucked in.

Clueless Cupid My personal favourite. The only primary task they do is warm their seats and keep a tab on people slipping in and out of the cafetria. Mind you, they do a lot of other significant work which requires you to be awake and devoid of brains.

Superman – This breed is slightly tolerable. Other than insisting on taking all decisions and stepping into your shoes almost all the time, they do and get some work done.

The last of this breed is the ones that pisses me the most. Wielding their powers and almost not giving you a chance to realize you have a voice, this Megalomaniacs, are the kings and we are their slaves to order around.

Having described the people we work for, you must be wondering how i continue to work. You have to grow a few more layers of ephidermis and have a deaf ear and begin to find a voice. If you are passionate about what you are doing, you are almost always ignorant of these pscychopaths surrounding you.

Good day and have a nice time typing through :))!!!


3 thoughts on “The Perfect Manager

  1. Wonderful Blog Meera… Made my head spin to fix my Manager into one of these categories.. then I realized he does fall into a FEW and not ONE..I loved the last line in the Blog. .. Truly a silver lining to a nice blog.”If you are passionate about what you are doing, you are almost always ignorant of these pscychopaths surrounding you.”

  2. Checked ur blog after a longgggg time…..Wondering what made u write this blog :S …. but definitely a good oneneways the ppl I think of fit into more than one category here 😛

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