Little bundles of Joy

Every child is special” and that’s what Taare Zameen Par is all about.

Ishaan is boy struggling to cope with the overload of home works and class works, bullies in the neighborhood and an overachieving brother. Ishaan’s world is filled with asterix, aliens and other such fictional characters.

Aamir does a splendid job in showcasing a child’s dreams and thoughts. Ishaan’s interest in the under water world, his thought process of multiplication and how he sees characters, people and things are brought to the silver screen with sensitivity and creativeness. Kudos to Aamir – excellent directorial debut.

Taare Zameen Par strikes a deep chord within us. We don’t have to force our children to run the rat race and turn into rats. We don’t have to choke them with our ambitions and aspirations. They don’t have to win everything and it is ok to loose. We don’t spend quality time with kids, trying to understand their dreams and passions and it need not be the ones which are largely acceptable by society. It brings to us, a shocking reality of how we manipulate children to really do what we want them to do and kill their spirit.

Ishaan is the real hero in this movie but credits to Aamir for bringing such a movie into an otherwise comedy, glamour sick silver screen.

Children are free spirited and corrupt less bundles of joy. So let them be.

Period of Excellence

I complete Three years in SAP today.
When i look back, i have lots to feel proud off.
Good friends, good work and some rewards – this has been a significant milestone in my career.
Hope the good luck continues….
Now, am off to celebrate…. !!!!

Through a lens

These are pics from my trip to Hampi – the world heritage site.

One has to notice the carvings on the pillars. Breathtaking.

A lone mandap – once the rani’s mahal.

Pillars that speak a million stories..

More pictures to follow…..

P.S: Man, i do qualify for the DSLR 🙂

Chennai Special

What makes movies like Oram Po, Chennai 600028 & Pollathavan click?

No points will be awarded for the right answer.

These movies cater to a niche audience and can be appreciated only by folks from Chennai. When i say from Chennai, i mean, people who have lived in Chennai and can feel the city. The city which offers the beaches, road-side tea stalls, loads of litter, pleasant evening breezes, annoying hawkers, myriad colors of the sky. Ofcourse only some can appreciate the smell of Chennai – Not koovam but there is a smell associated with each city. Chennai reminds me spicy potato curry, suda suda sundal, newly cut mangoes, filter kaapi, masala dosa, jasmine, camphor….

These movies do not capture any of this. But their main focus is ofcourse the city. The city which throws its doors wide open and welcomes you. Chennai 28 is about gully cricket, Pollathavan is about a boy against don fight, Oram po is about the autorickshaws. But they are all about Chennai.
A must-see for every Chennaite.

Sutum Vizhi Sudar Than

One of the best love songs and my favourite Bharathiyar song.

Sutum Vizhi Sudar than – Kannama
Suriye chandiraro!

Vattakkariye vizhiyil – Kannamma
Vanakkarumai kollo!

Pattu karuneela – Pudavai
Padhitthanal Vairam!

Natta nadunisiyil – Therium

Solai malar oliyo – Unathu
Sundarapunnagai than!

Neela kadalalaiye – Unathu
Nenjin alaigaladi!

Kolak kuyil oosai – Unathu
Kuralin inimaiyadi!

Valai kumariyadi – Kannamma
Maruvak kadhal kondein!!!

Sathiram pesugirai – Kannamma
Sathiram yedhukkadi?

Athiram kondavarke – Kannamma
Sathiram undodi?

Moothavar sammadhiyil – Vadhuvai
Muraigal pinbhu saivom

Kathiruppenodi! – Ithupar
Kannatthu muttham ondru!


Billa’ starring Ajith and Nayanthara is easily the most awaited movie of this year after Sivaji.
The songs are already topping the charts. (Available here)

The trailer screams of suave screenplay and direction. The cast assembled is top notch sparring Namitha. Neverthless, Ajith holds lot of promise and i beleive it would be a never-before-seen performance from the Ultimate star. The shoes he is filling is larger than life but no comparisons please.

My Name is Billa and Vethalaiya potendi bring nostalgic memories of Rajni but the new Billa will be a must see in a multiplex movie of this year.

The curtains rise and Billa hits Chennai in December.