Chennai Special

What makes movies like Oram Po, Chennai 600028 & Pollathavan click?

No points will be awarded for the right answer.

These movies cater to a niche audience and can be appreciated only by folks from Chennai. When i say from Chennai, i mean, people who have lived in Chennai and can feel the city. The city which offers the beaches, road-side tea stalls, loads of litter, pleasant evening breezes, annoying hawkers, myriad colors of the sky. Ofcourse only some can appreciate the smell of Chennai – Not koovam but there is a smell associated with each city. Chennai reminds me spicy potato curry, suda suda sundal, newly cut mangoes, filter kaapi, masala dosa, jasmine, camphor….

These movies do not capture any of this. But their main focus is ofcourse the city. The city which throws its doors wide open and welcomes you. Chennai 28 is about gully cricket, Pollathavan is about a boy against don fight, Oram po is about the autorickshaws. But they are all about Chennai.
A must-see for every Chennaite.

One thought on “Chennai Special

  1. There is not place like home and no home like our CHENNAI …though there are so many factors to take u away for this place, there are still countless memories and wonderful things that draw u to this wonderful place on earth…

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