Exams over!!

After a long time, i was preparing for an exam. My mom was constantly reminding me to read and take some sample tests and i felt i was reliving my 12th.

But its not as bad as you think. I was preparing for the license test and my mom wanted me to get it right the first time even if the DMV was considerate enough to give me two more attempts. She said “Why three, you have to clear it the first time itself” like it was some kind of benchmark which will be used in judging how good or bad i drive. Besides i’m mighty sure that this news will travel to all streets and blocks in my neighbourhood in chennai :))

So i prepared and took a couple of sample tests listed in the website and i thought this was fairly simple. Use logic, throw in some common sense, learn a couple of rules and you are set. There were a couple of questions i dreaded about parking uphill, downhill but i had the answers memorized for them as well.

I took the paper and went aside to mark the answers. It was quite simple, what does flashing yellow mean, should you stop or pass, should you wait or cross and then the uphill question. As with all exams, the one question you fear the most will somehow appear in the exam with its twisted ugly face smirking at you and murmuring “Gotcha!!”

I marked all of them and gave it for correction and then when he was passing through the answers marking the wrong ones i was thinking of mommy dear 🙂
When he was done, i looked at him with a smile and Voila, I Cleared.

For a long time i dont have to face exams anymore. PHEW!!!

Interstate Highway System – Part1 (About America)

Now that the writers strike is over and done with, some of my favourite sitcoms are back in action. But this is not about that.

There are two things that have fascinated me from the time i have landed in US. 1) Freeways and 2) Sports. Sports will have to wait since am still hiding from the Suns loss from yesterday.

When i was in Germany for the first time, all i could think about was the AUTOBAHN. My colleague had given me some information about this system of highways/freeways/expressways, but nothing would have prepared me for what i saw. Plus the topping was there was no speed limit as long as you were within the German Borders. Can you beat that?

So i did not find it surprising that the US Freeways take a leaf from that book. Apparently, the Interstate Highway system was lobbied by President Eisenhower who was influenced by his experiences as a young soldier fighting the World War II and was in Germany crossing the Autobahn. Initially, what was commissioned as a means to aid military transport has become an integral part of the country’s day to day transport mechanism.

Some facts about the freeways.

a)Most of them need you to maintain a 65mph speeding or you will have a cop chasing your wheels.
b) Primary Interstates are assigned a number less than 100
c) East-West highways – Even numbers
d) North South highways – Odd numbers

There are still some disputes about which was the first interstate highway to be commissioned and which was the last act of completion. Nevertheless this system proves that the leaders of this country had a vision and they started a plan that went well beyond their term of power, something that speaks for the country as well.

When i get back to Bengalooru, i will again wonder how much longer should we wait?

A thousand times over

Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini does not require any introductions.

How much of what you were and were not as a child haunts you when you grow up and sting you time and again is well potrayed by the author.

The author’s in depth potrayal of Afghan, post and pre Taliban and the change catches the reader’s imagination. The unexpected twists and the characterization of Hassan and Amir live with you long after you have laid down the book.

I was in awe of the language and the choice of words and how he avoided cliches like the plague.(smiles). I started reading the book to kill time during my train journey but i was so hooked on to the book that i finished it the same day i came back.

I might probably go and see the movie as well.

Kite Runner, by far the best novels i have read. Thumbs Up!!!

Giants Vs Patriots

What do you think?

The first thing i get fascinated by in the US is not the niagara, liberty or the grand canyon.
Its the SUPERBOWL XLII – Giants Vs Patriots.

The second most watched program ever in American history, this game made people swear through all of it. Tom Brady was the man most people pitched for but Eli Manning emerged as the undisputed victor.

The Giants played good defense for the first half of the game and Eli stole the show with the winning touchdown and led his team to victory.

My brother-in law’s vocal chords went for a toss when Eli scored the touchdown and i was still grappling with the details of the game but i knew the team we were backing(giants) where reaching where we wanted them to go.

My sister and i went shopping for groceries on Saturday and i realized that the stores were more crowded than ever. She explained whenever the SuperBowl happens, people throw a party and invite friends to watch the game over beer and food. Nice tradition. We had a couple of people coming, no beer but still it was fun.

I learnt a new game, gawked at Eli, booed Tom and understood America a little bit more.

Dollar Dreams

Nobody is dreaming of dollars anymore with the value plummenting but being in the US has been a strange dream for many. Sometimes it comes with half the family migrated or with the neighbours envy or to get out of the great indian hypocrism. Neverthless the intentions dont matter.

Somehow i never assumed US would be breathtaking. I dint imagine coming out of the airport and not batting my eyelid and jaws dropping. It was quite like any other country i have visited and to think of it less picturesque. I dint think i would hear myself saying that India is better but thats true. Uptill now i think india is def better and more like home.

Ofcourse considering the fact that i have stepped out of the house only for a trip to Walmart and other whole stores, i havent explored California that much to claim that it is boring but somehow when you enter a new land, you get a feeling about it and that pretty much governs your stay there.

Although i started off in a dull note i hope this trip is more exciting than it sounds.
Cheers to me for landing in yet another country 🙂