Giants Vs Patriots

What do you think?

The first thing i get fascinated by in the US is not the niagara, liberty or the grand canyon.
Its the SUPERBOWL XLII – Giants Vs Patriots.

The second most watched program ever in American history, this game made people swear through all of it. Tom Brady was the man most people pitched for but Eli Manning emerged as the undisputed victor.

The Giants played good defense for the first half of the game and Eli stole the show with the winning touchdown and led his team to victory.

My brother-in law’s vocal chords went for a toss when Eli scored the touchdown and i was still grappling with the details of the game but i knew the team we were backing(giants) where reaching where we wanted them to go.

My sister and i went shopping for groceries on Saturday and i realized that the stores were more crowded than ever. She explained whenever the SuperBowl happens, people throw a party and invite friends to watch the game over beer and food. Nice tradition. We had a couple of people coming, no beer but still it was fun.

I learnt a new game, gawked at Eli, booed Tom and understood America a little bit more.


4 thoughts on “Giants Vs Patriots

  1. Wow.. that game was awesome…This could easily be my first Amercian ‘football’game… Got into the game with the basics, but then got to love this game so much… Eli Manning was awesome all the way and has now become the only two guys I know in the whole game after Tom Brady… :-)Hope to follow the game right form the play offs next year.

  2. You dont realize what kind of history was at stake during that game. Perfection in such sport comes once every 35 years or so. I am utterly disappointed that it may not happen anytime soon. If the Pats under Brady/Belichick/Moss couldn’t do it then these Mannings/Romos cannot even dream, period. I hope atleast now…-Who am I

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