A thousand times over

Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini does not require any introductions.

How much of what you were and were not as a child haunts you when you grow up and sting you time and again is well potrayed by the author.

The author’s in depth potrayal of Afghan, post and pre Taliban and the change catches the reader’s imagination. The unexpected twists and the characterization of Hassan and Amir live with you long after you have laid down the book.

I was in awe of the language and the choice of words and how he avoided cliches like the plague.(smiles). I started reading the book to kill time during my train journey but i was so hooked on to the book that i finished it the same day i came back.

I might probably go and see the movie as well.

Kite Runner, by far the best novels i have read. Thumbs Up!!!


6 thoughts on “A thousand times over

  1. I really liked the book – i was very moved when i read it, but i think the author who does a great job till 3/4th of the book ( or rather when the whole truth is revealed) kind of kills the book with his ending.The whole bit where the guy rescues the kid started getting tedious. Plus the ending itself was one big cliche….

  2. @dammy: Shitheads? You do think very highly of yourself :)@doushura: You either gave me the wrong link or spamming my blog.@ms.n: I was kind of disappointed at the ending too, but you guess it anyways. I thot the last piece of narration was like an old amitabh movie :-))

  3. i personally thought it was a good movie..esp since a lot of the story was soo filmy.. i thought the actors had a good job in the movie as well.. you should give it a shot:)

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