Through thick and thin… YAWN!!

I picked up this book, thinking it would be an easy read. But i was wrong. The book did not have a great story line other than two sisters trying to lose weight, but it took a lot of effort to even complete the book.
When i finished it today, i gave myself a hi-five. Man whats with me, why cant i just put aside a book thats so boring as this one? Or do all readers have this undying nerve to finish the book and then claim it to be so boring. That goes even with movies ๐Ÿ™‚
Anyway, the style of writing was confusing, sometimes its the first person and then the third. I would rather prefer the author stuck to one.
The best part of the book was the entry of DB Sweeney, since am doubly sure people wont read this book – Its the dog ๐Ÿ™‚ Kind of makes you want to have one.
The only thing worth in this book is the fact that it is difficult to lose weight. You need to try it in so many ways – WeightWatchers, Diet, Pointers, Scale, Clothes, Mirrors – the world is so determined to make you feel that you have to lose weight.
Anyways, if you have trouble sleeping, then go ahead and pick this one otherwise stay away!!

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