I’m in love!!

Yesterday i had the first bite of a cheesecake and i fell in love with it. Ever since i saw the episode in FRIENDS where Rachel and Chandler eat cheescake from the corridor, i wanted to know how it tasted. So when i bumped into a cheesecake factory in Palo Alto, it was natural for me to throw caution to the wind and order a piece of Choclate cheesecake.

For those of you who have never tasted one, well what can i say? If you cant fall in love then have a cheesecake, its by far the better and tastes delicious, or should i say sinfully delicious.
The cake melts in the mouth and you dont have a clue of the fats adding to your circles, enlarging them.

Chocolates leave me on a perpetually high ever, and i love Tiramusu and chocolate mousse. But nothing quite compared to the cheesecake i had. I wish i could have cheesecake everyday but too much of anything spoils the taste.(I have learned this from having gum all the time) so right now am drowing in the taste of cheesecake in my mouth and shall savour it. I hope the next time comes sooner.

Memoirs of a Geisha

I’m probably the last one to jump on this train of having read the book. The book itself was a good read. Although slow at certain parts, it gives wonderful insight into the life of women in Japan and the life of a geisha.

Anybody who picks up this book is going to put a geisha on the other side of a line, but you have to read it to understand what their real profession is. The narration of a kimono and the obi itself shows how colorful the geisha were dressed. I really wonder how life would be without having to make choices and choosing your destiny but being led by people all around you.

There are lot of women in this book and it gives you different perspectives about women – jealousy, compassion, ambition, endurance and greed. Somehow, i found it difficult to read this book although there are lot of interesting quips that puts your imagination into a real execution.
The romance between Sayuri and the chariman is actually quite boring since nothing really happens till the very end and you are ready to give it up.

The analogy to eels was quite hilarious and the fights between Sayuri and Hasutmomo was also quite energising. The plot is quite good and since i haven’t really read a book as extensive about Japan and geisha, it kept me going. At one point, i really wanted to meet a geisha and watch her dance performance.

I would recommend this book, a very interesting read.

Project Green

Now most of us would be familiar with the word green. What with eco-shape containers and say-no-to-plastic trailers, we can all understand the importance of global warming and going green.
Little things go a long way, like cycling to office, planting a garden, bringing a water bottle to work and car pooling. But these are not little things, they are lifestyle changes and sometimes it is difficult to change how you have lived for over twenty-something years(with little or no consideration) to the environment.

So here i’am embarking on a PROJECT GREEN, where am going to learn a synergtic way to keep the environment safe for my grand children and many more generations to come and hopefully, they would be able to see the wonderful things, i have seen and enjoyed.

Summer Island

Summer Island by Kristin Hannah was a book that i started to read on a sunday evening and decided to bunk monday and finish it through. It gives me immense pleasure to take a day off just to finish a book, something i have not done in many years. The last i remember was in college and back then we were not accountable for anything. Sometimes when i look at my sister juggling office and family i wonder if such simple pleasures would ever come back, where taking a day off was just about that and nothing more and nothing less.
Neverthless, this was a book review so let me stick to that. What got me bowled over was the number of characters in the book and how Kristin had detailed each of these characters. Nora Bridge is the woman who not only walked out from her marriage but motherhood and even though she has made peace with the former, the latter haunts her every living day. Ruby is a strong willed, honest to the word teenager in an adult and when she comes of age, she sheds wisdom on every one of us. The tangles of the family, how it is important to realize that mistakes are a part of it and how to forgive is what holds us together is easily penned. When i started reading this book i compared it to one of the mills & boons but it never treads on the physical strings but leans on the emotional side.
I really enjoyed reading Kristin Hannah’s writing and now i want to read her latest – Fire Fly lane. Summer Island is a book you need to curl up with coffee and cookies and be ready to make a call to your mom or sis immediately after that.

Does being Wealthy mean being Happy?

A recent New York Times article talks about whether having enough money at your disposal gurantee that you are actually happy. Now this is an interesting aspect. Would you be happier if you could go shopping and buy everything you wanted to buy or would it make you feel good if you had shorter commute distances to office and had lot of time to spend with family and friends.

There is a flip-side. If you had all the money you wanted, then you can choose to work less and still do the things you always wanted to. But does money alone guarantee happiness?

How much of money will make us satisfied? If we have above average income, or if we are earning more than our neighbours or friends? How do we measure that this much money is enough to make me happy?

Above all, should happiness be measured with reference to money?

The time-tested theories and the questions that are never answered. This article also lists some perspectives that are really interesting to know.