Paradigm Shift

Stephen Covey’s Seven habits of highly effective people is a real self-help book. Atleast it is one of the book(of the few i have read), that doesn’t really list some exercises which would make you look better in your’s and other’s eyes.

The best part of this book is about the paradigm shift. It was interesting to read about it and for a while i was begining to understand what the author was trying to say.It is difficult for me to beleive that in most of life’s situations we have to act rather than react. Most of you would wonder why that’s so difficult. It is difficult:- Imagine spending a weekend getting your clothes pressed instead of vegging out in front of television because it would make the rest of the week easier. Imagine missing a game(Suns Vs Spurs) for a trip to grocery store since you want to avoid visiting the weekend crowd. Ofcourse, life is all about choices, the ones we make and the ones we ignore. Going to the grocery store is a choice but being proactive is a choice as well. So you can imagine how complicated this book really is.

There is another concept of circles – Circle of influence Vs circle of concern. The time when fatalism and trying hard enough is separated by a thin line. You must know which of life’s events and people fall on which side. Knowing what you can control and what you cant and the wisdom to know the difference.

In all, this book opened a lot of doors in my mind and got me introspecting more and more. The monk who sold his ferrari was the first book i read and thought this genre of books is not for me and stephen covey got me thinking. Reading such books can actually enrich your life. So i give a thumbs up for this book.

P.S: This post was actually written watching the game :), so ignore obvious erros. NBA overrules and my choice was clear 🙂


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