Siddharth, Ayutha Ezhuthu and BITS Pilani

Siddharth stars in Bommarillu, Ayutha Azuthu and Nuvostante(did i spell it right?). Ofcourse i shall duly ignore Boys where he really launched his career.

He has a charming image and i really liked some of the songs in all three of his movies and coming to think of it, he had done a commendable performance in all of them.

This bit from ayutha ezuthu was what i was listening to today and hats off to mani ratnam and vaira muthu for thinking of the lyrics and picturising it the way it was done. Most 20 something girls and boys would relate to this lingo and rapport shared on screen by Trisha and Siddharth.

“Nee mazhai naan illai
Etharkumel uravillai,

Vidai kodu pogeren
Eeramai vazhgiren….

Nee yaro.. Naan yaro…
Kann thondri Kann Kanna Kanneero”

Gone are the days when we lived by the limits that were set by parents, grand parents and elders of the family. We define our own limits and we sometimes dare to go beyond them.

When i think of my days in college, something that stays out is the free spirit we enjoyed there. I know if we go back, nothing would change except for the fun we had and it will get a level higher. Now we all have cool, calculated fun which is restricted by the clock and by the dangers peril on the streets. Back then, we dint care for anything but the 11 o clock curfew. Making it in never meant the fun was over, infact it was beginning to get a new dimension.

So many dreams, wild and secretive.. some came true others went with the wind. But we all learnt a little bit, if not about computers atleast about ourselves.


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