Summer Island

Summer Island by Kristin Hannah was a book that i started to read on a sunday evening and decided to bunk monday and finish it through. It gives me immense pleasure to take a day off just to finish a book, something i have not done in many years. The last i remember was in college and back then we were not accountable for anything. Sometimes when i look at my sister juggling office and family i wonder if such simple pleasures would ever come back, where taking a day off was just about that and nothing more and nothing less.
Neverthless, this was a book review so let me stick to that. What got me bowled over was the number of characters in the book and how Kristin had detailed each of these characters. Nora Bridge is the woman who not only walked out from her marriage but motherhood and even though she has made peace with the former, the latter haunts her every living day. Ruby is a strong willed, honest to the word teenager in an adult and when she comes of age, she sheds wisdom on every one of us. The tangles of the family, how it is important to realize that mistakes are a part of it and how to forgive is what holds us together is easily penned. When i started reading this book i compared it to one of the mills & boons but it never treads on the physical strings but leans on the emotional side.
I really enjoyed reading Kristin Hannah’s writing and now i want to read her latest – Fire Fly lane. Summer Island is a book you need to curl up with coffee and cookies and be ready to make a call to your mom or sis immediately after that.

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