Memoirs of a Geisha

I’m probably the last one to jump on this train of having read the book. The book itself was a good read. Although slow at certain parts, it gives wonderful insight into the life of women in Japan and the life of a geisha.

Anybody who picks up this book is going to put a geisha on the other side of a line, but you have to read it to understand what their real profession is. The narration of a kimono and the obi itself shows how colorful the geisha were dressed. I really wonder how life would be without having to make choices and choosing your destiny but being led by people all around you.

There are lot of women in this book and it gives you different perspectives about women – jealousy, compassion, ambition, endurance and greed. Somehow, i found it difficult to read this book although there are lot of interesting quips that puts your imagination into a real execution.
The romance between Sayuri and the chariman is actually quite boring since nothing really happens till the very end and you are ready to give it up.

The analogy to eels was quite hilarious and the fights between Sayuri and Hasutmomo was also quite energising. The plot is quite good and since i haven’t really read a book as extensive about Japan and geisha, it kept me going. At one point, i really wanted to meet a geisha and watch her dance performance.

I would recommend this book, a very interesting read.


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